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Succeed in Your GPhC Exams

Complete Question Bank and Resources for Trainee Pharmacists

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Extensive GPhC Question Bank

You stand a high chance of success in your upcoming GPhC Exams if you regularly practice, identify your weak points  and  remedy them well before the exams. To remedy your weak points, our GPhC Exam question banks  are supplemented with high quality notes and recordings and our tutors are available to offer ongoing support. Here is what you get from the question bank which covers the whole GPhC assessment framework.

☑ Over 10,000 GPhC style single best answer (SBA) & extended matching questions (EMQ)

☑ Organised by BNF chapter or as mixed mocks

☑ Over 700 GPhC style calculations by topic or as mixed mocks 

 All with instant feedback and explanation 

 Accessible 24/7 on any device 

Recordings, Live Events and Summarised Notes
Recordings, Live Events and Notes

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You will have access to recordings and live events delivered by Experts. These recordings cover the GPhC registration assessment framework which include the GPhC Exam Part 1 (pharmaceutical calculations) and the GPhC Exam Part 2 (clinical and pharmacy practice topics). 

Our content is written and presented by Experts who have written many articles in peer-reviewed journals.

You will also have access to summarised notes covering the whole range of important topics assessed in the GPhC exams. Here is a summary below.

☑   GPHC Exam Calculations

☑   BNF Chapters

☑   Responding to Symptoms, OTC and POM to P Switches

☑   MEP and Pharmacy Practice

☑   Accessible 24/7 on any device 

Benefits Summary

Resource covers the entire GPhC assessment framework

Our GPhC  Exam question banks and resources will help you revise efficiently by saving you time.  All our GPhC exam questions have detailed explanations and notes, thus minimising the need to look up in your other resources or notes. Our expert Pharmacists have written many articles covering the GPhC assessment framework, Part 1 of the GPhC exam and Part 2. You can access links to these articles via this link: 


Here is what you get in a nutshell

☑    Summarised notes
☑   Question bank for GPhC Exam Part 1 & Part 2 Mocks
☑    GPhC style Question banks by chapter or topic 
☑   Live Zoom sessions and recordings
☑   Tutor and peer support 
☑  Delivered by practicing pharmacist experts with many years experience

GPhC Exam Question Bank Topics

Part one of the GPhC registration assessment has 40 calculation questions to be completed in 2 hours which means you should spend no more than 3 minutes per question. Part two of the GPhC assessment has 120 questions, split into three sections: Section 1, 45 'single-best-answer' questions, Section 2: 45 'single-best-answer' question and Section 3: 30 'extended-matching' questions. Ideally, you should not spend more than 1.25 minutes per question.  You will get your GPhC examination timings right by timing yourself as you practice the questions in our  GPhC exam question banks. With over 10, 000 questions, you will have plenty of practice and feel ready to to sit the exams. We do recommend that you take some time to complete the GPhC exam sample questions which can be accessed via the two links below.



It is important to note that variations to these sample questions do get asked in the real GPhC exams!

The full list of the topics asked is contained in the GPhC registration assessment framework. 


Title of the document
Therapeutic Topics No. of Questions
1. Trial room 3 sets of 6
2. Blood and nutrion 2 sets of 60
5. Cardiovascular system 5 sets of 70
6. Central nervous system 4 sets of 60
7. Skin and dermatology 3 sets of 60
8. Endocrine system 4 sets of 70
9. Eye, ear, nose and throat 2 sets of 50
10. Full mock Paper 2 3 sets of 120
11. Gastro-intestinal 5 sets of 80
12. Genito-urinary system 3 sets of 60
13. High risk drugs 6 sets of 80
14. Immune system and malignancy 2 sets of 60
15. Infections and anti-microbials 4 sets of 70
16. MEP and Pharmacy practice 3 sets of 70
17. Musculoskeletal system 2 sets of 60
18. Respiratory system 3 sets of 60
19. Responding to symptoms 5 sets of 80
20. Vaccines and anaesthesia 2 sets of 60
Title of the document
Calculation Topics Number of sets
1. Doses and dose regimens 2 sets of 40
2. Doses and unit conversions 2 sets of 40
3. Estimation of kidney function 2 sets of 40
4. Displacement values and volumes 6 sets of 40
5. Concentration e.g. percent, 1 in X, weight per volume 2 sets of 40
6. Moles and molecular weights 1 set of 40
7. Using provided formula 2 sets of 40
8. Infusion rates 3 sets of 40
9. Dilutions 6 sets of 40
10. Pharmacokinetics 2 sets of 40
11. Health economics 2 sets of 40
12. Quantities to supply 2 sets of 40
13. Mixed sets (full mocks) 17 sets of 40

Pricing that won't break your Bank!

Single monthly price of £30 includes everything!

  The full GPhC exam question bank 

  BNF Clinical, MEP and OTC notes

  Peer and tutor support

  Online events and recordings

  Exit at any time with no penalties

Feedback from our Trainee Pharmacists

Many Pharmacists who have used our question banks and resources during their foundation training succeeded in their exams and testimony to this is the feedback below.

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