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The GPhC assessment Framework

The articles below were written by Experts from Focus Pre Reg Revision for the Pharmaceutical Journal and for the Chemist and Druggist.

Pharmaceutical Journal Articles

1. Preparing for the GPhC registration exams: six steps to help you effectively plan your revision (Part 1).

This article introduces the GPhC assessment framework as a key document that you should refer to in order to narrow down your revision and focus on topics that will be asked in the GPhC registration assessment. The key areas highlighted in the article are the topics to be studied, future pharmacist outcomes and indicative assessment topics. The authors also included some GPhC Exam questions in the same format as they would appear in the real exam with additional tips provided by four experts from Focus Pre Reg Revision. 

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2. Preparing for the GPhC registration exams: how to approach learning outcomes relating to professional practice (Part 2).

In this article, you will delve deeper into the GPhC assessment framework and zoom in into indicative assessment topics which are the key topics asked in the GPhC exams each year. You will learn about how indicative assessment topics can be used to revise on specific topics and how these topics can be asked in the GPhC exams. 

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3. Preparing for the GPhC registration exams: how to revise learning outcomes relating to clinical knowledge and therapeutic approaches (Part 3).

Part 3 concludes the series with more examples and again focusing on the GPhC assessment framework. Your knowledge of how to use the framework in the GPhC assessment should be improved after completing the three series of this article. The key topics to focus on for the GPhC Part 2 exam include, the High weighted therapeutic areas: Cardiovascular system, Nervous system, Endocrine system, Infection. The Medium weighted therapeutic areas are: Genito-urinary system, Gastro-intestinal system, Respiratory system, Immune system and Malignant disease, Blood and nutrition. The Low weighted therapeutic areas: Musculoskeletal system, Eye Ear, nose, and oropharynx, Skin, Vaccines and Anaesthesia.

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Chemist and Druggist Articles

1. Getting to grips with the GPhC framework in the Pre-Reg Exam

This article will help you to understand the GPhC assessment framework including how to apply indicative assessment topics. The indicative assessment topics are the areas that get asked during the GPhC assessments and it is important that you narrow down your revision to include all the indicative assessment topics. The syllabus for the GPhC assessment is so large and can be overwhelming and confusing. For these reasons, you should revise smart following the areas highlighted on indicative assessment topics. The authors went further to provide example questions in the format that mirrors the GPhC registration assessment and they provided full answers and rationale for each question. 

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